Plastic molding is something of a revelation in terms of how technology can craft out beautifully designed products that can help revolutionize aspects of your business that you never thought possible. Efficient and robust, molding products last a long time and provide a great return on investment and solve a whole host of problems from storage, transport, office use and beyond. Here we take a look at 6 products crafted from plastic molding techniques that could prove fantastic additions to your utility business, smoothing out problems and processes you might have been struggling with for quite some time.

Combo Bins

Made from virgin materials that is strong and resistant to degradation, bins are an essential part of a business in terms of storage, especially in regards to food or pharmaceutical applications. Products like those at offer a strong resistance to chemical or food penetration and ensure that environments are kept clean by reducing contamination and pollution as well as reducing the risk of tampering that could otherwise cause great damage to a business’ end product.

Combo bins also allow for greater savings due to their durability. Corrosion resistant, stress-cracking resistant and crack and chip proof, they won’t need to be replaced for many years.

Plastic Lockers

Rust-proof, durable and smoothly designed, plastic lockers are in high demand in a myriad of industries including food processing, education, athletic, industrial and pharmaceutical environments. Extremely useful in environments where damp and wet conditions pervade, plastic lockers provide a great storage solution that helps keep important materials in great condition.

Dimensions also favor businesses of all types that, due to plastic molding technologies, can come in a variety of measurements. Couple that with benefits that make them easy to clean and install and you have something that is an integral storage solution that is also 100% recyclable.


Wooden pallets are a staple of retail and industrial businesses but their plastic alternatives offer a far more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution that solves deforestation issues.

The angled leg design that enables fork tines to bounce off the leg and not cut the pallet, of plastic pallets also solves the issue of transport damage wrought by forklifts that can lead to further product damage.


Utility carts provide a great transport solution for heavy loads that are also multi-purpose enough to extend to a whole range of industries. Rotationally molded and engineered, carts are resistant to dents, stains, rust and scratches, making transporting loads a breeze.

Wheeled carts also make moving stock and itinerary around a whole lot easier than manual means and also provide a backup in case of mechanical malfunction or breakdown.


Containers are another multi-purpose molding product that can prove especially useful for a business. Load-bearing and multi-dimensional, plastic containers are a far better alternative to cardboard alternatives, keeping contents well protected from environmental stressors like varying weather conditions or pest infestations.

Plastic molding products provide a whole host of advantages over materials of old, helping protect business inventory and, as a result, profits.