The food isn’t the only thing which makes your customers come back to your restaurants on multiple occasions, an often-overlooked element is the ambience and atmosphere you create. Although both are tremendously important in terms of customer retention, even minute details can help you improve the mood in your eatery.

Ask yourself these questions and carefully consider how you address each issue in your business. Your main aim is to create the perfect ambience to attract and retain customers.

What kind of lighting do you use to create an atmosphere?

If the answer is any, or you haven’t really considered lighting, then should re-evaluate this aspect of your restaurant and consider doing some research on how to set the tone of your establishment. If you want to create a comfortable, elegant atmosphere you must dim the lighting system in your restaurant to generate this effect. This allows you to make use of candles, which give a more relaxed, romantic feel to your premises. Dimmer lights help to create a cosy, more intimate atmosphere. Ensure lights are evenly distributed throughout your dining area and don’t place them directly above tables as customers may feel as if they are under a spotlight.

What type of linen and cutlery do you present in your premises?

First impressions are vital, particularly in the food industry. If you were led to a table covered with an old, worn down tablecloth you’d immediately want to exit the restaurant and find another venue to eat in. Your choice of table linen and cutlery are incredibly important, they say a lot about your business and speak volumes about how you pay attention to detail as a business owner. If you are unsure of where to get table linen, there are various companies online who provide a table linen hire service for restaurants, hotels and functions. They have a huge range of products and can offer table linen in a wide variety of colours. Your cutlery should be selected to suit your menu, it must be clean and presented correctly.

What genre of music do you play?

Music is an excellent and inexpensive way of creating an atmosphere in your restaurant. Don’t just tune into your local radio station and leave that playing across the loudspeaker, choose a genre which suits the overall theme of the restaurant. You can download numerous playlist online and easily connect them to your speakers, they can help create a setting which your customers will thoroughly enjoy. A word of caution, when you find the right kind of music for your establishment, don’t have the volume turned up too high, you want customer to still be able to easily converse and not have to strain to hear each other speak.

In addition, don’t overlook your interior décor, use furniture and artwork to compliment the setting of your restaurant.

Obviously, serving tasty food and drinks is important, but so is the mood and setting you create in your eatery. Each element works together as a whole, one complementing the other.