As a child, we do not realize that the movies we love, the video tape we keep on playing will one day be obsolete. It happens to most of us. Sometimes movies we used to love and completely forgot about are suddenly shown on television.  It will most likely lead to very high excitement and the compulsive need to watch it again, on our old couch just like in the good old days.

At that moment, we think the only thing changing from back then is that we did not have a beer but an orange juice in our hands while watching movies. We completely forget about the huge steps technology in movies has made and we end up disappointed by the movie we used to adore.

Some companies like video production in Houston are always keeping themselves up to date. However, Hollywood movies are only shot once and if they are remade, the actors are different, the story line can be different; in a nutshell, the whole atmosphere changes. So how can you share the movies you loved with the next generation? The answer is through remastering them.

The concept of remastering movies is to make old movies audible and seeable for the younger generations’ ears and eyes. It has been done many times and especially with animated movies.

Most of the time, the old movies are already in a very high resolution as they were made to be seen on a cinema screen. Therefore, the details are already there. The film is already in very high quality unlike a lot of people would think.

The process consists in scanning the original material. Then the entire movie just goes into a process of post-production using our modern techniques. Some movies have to have their movie score recorded again because the sound quality back then was not as high as what we are used to now and it will not be comfortable for modern viewers that are unfamiliar with unclear sounds. They also take out all the scratches whether it is physical on the film or if it is sound related.

After this, the techniques used were simply not available decades ago. And these new technology gives the movie a very modern look. Adding visual effects, color correction and the new recording of the score will immediately send the movie to the modern ages.

The image and sound are sometimes not the problem however. Indeed back in the days, the rhythm in movies was different and the story twists not as elaborate as you can find nowadays because of the lack of visual effect techniques. Visual effects tend to date a movie. Sadly, when many studios estimate that movies will cost more remastered than remade, they usually just remake it. Not always a good choice: if they do a new version too soon and the original is still completely viewable, people will still identify with the original. A bad timing usually entails consequences in the box office. Sequels for instance can vary in terms of visual quality from the first movie to the last movie in a drastic manner.