Ever since Apple announced iPhone X along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on September 12, 2017, tech enthusiasts have gone crazy and for the right reasons. Now that the iPhone X is up for grabs, should you really buy one? For starters, this is the most expensive flagship phone available in the market at the moment, with the base variant priced at $999. In this post, we will talk about iPhone X and things you need to know before taking the final call.

  • iPhone X marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone, and hence the roman numeric ‘X’. While pre-orders started by the end of October, iPhone X was officially available on November 3, 2017. By the way, you don’t call it iPhone ‘X’. but iPhone ‘ten’. iPhone X features glass on both ends, and Apple claims that the glass is the most durable that has been ever used for a phone.
  • Well, the iPhone X is all screen. It’s features a 5.8-inch OLED screen – the first ever for an iPhone. The screen covers the whole of the frontal surface, except for the front camera. The home button – which many associated with the iPhone is no longer there. Just swipe from the bottom of the screen to reach the home screen.
  • Welcome the Face ID. You can unlock your iPhone X using your face. For this, Apple has used a special Camera system, which uses a dot projector to create mathematical model of the user’s face. As you face changes with time, the model will adapt itself. If you go by the reviews, not all critics are happy with the Face ID¸ but Apple has surely taken the leap ahead.
  • With Apple iPhone X, you also get an update for your regular emojis – Known as animoji. Basically, these are animated emojis, which promise to change the way you interact and chat with phone on your iPhone X.
  • iPhone X comes in just two colors – silver and space gray. The other two devices – iPhone 8 and 8 Plus- which were launched iPhone X also feature a third color – gold. Apple has also stated that iPhone X has a better battery life than iPhone 7 by two hours.
  • Much like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus variants, iPhone X too will have wireless charging, which is based on the concept of Qi wireless charging. With the Apple charging plug and cable, you can get 50% charge in just 30 minutes. By the way, the iPhone X 256GB model costs at $1,149. Expect to pay more in other countries, keeping the local sales and import taxes in mind. In India, iPhone X is available at 89,000 INR.

Check online now to find more details and grab your iPhone X now!