There is no automotive dealership owner on earth who isn’t trying to maximize their sales, especially if they can do it without spending more overhead. But finding the best way to utilize what you already have in-house and still get more bang for your buck can be a difficult task at best.

Having a killer application of a dealer CRM to help with your marketing can go a long way towards reaching that goal. But it only works as well as the planning you put into it and the work your staff is willing to do with it. If they look at and follow these three simple marketing fixes and follow through on a daily basis, they can boost sales significantly. The trick is to be consistent.

Social Media

Yes, we have all heard how important social media is to any business enterprise these days. But it goes far beyond just making sure you have a Facebook page and perhaps a blog on your website. To be truly effective with social media in this era you need to have a presence on all the major social media sites. This might mean sending out a tweet on Twitter a dozen times a day, updating your posts on Facebook by the hour and uploading the latest sexy shots of your car models to Instagram several times a day.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it can be but it doesn’t have to be. There are software programs that will work with your CRM to set up a marketing program, create a schedule for it and then run that program according to your specifications. So, you set it up once a month, and then it runs the way you created it. The trick is to make sure you are as up to date as possible by adding in those extra hits that are timely and give good news.

Emails and Newsletters

While social media is all the darling of the internet, that old workhorse called email is still the best bang for your buck today. When it comes to measuring your return on investment of your time and creativity, you can’t beat email campaigns. The best way to do this is with a regular newsletter that updates all your customer base on the latest news, updates them on service announcements and lets them know the new products that are coming in.

Since a newsletter is not only something that you must sign up for in order to receive it but must also, by law, allow anyone who doesn’t want it to discontinue receiving it, it has an interested audience. They are pretty much your best bet for finding who wants the latest model of car or should come in for a service check. Best of all, they have a high rate of buy-in that you can measure on most newsletter programs such as MailChimp that will give you statistics on opening rates and clicking rates.

Community Involvement

This last one is really one that many dealerships have learned over the years to embrace. It might be a simple thing like hosting the local high school football team’s car wash in your dealership parking lot. Or you might be the sponsor for a float in the Christmas Parade. Whatever form it takes, car dealerships have been the backbone of communities large and small for decades and it continues to be a great way to be top of mind when your locals need a new car.