SAP is one of the most booming technologies and the right career choice for many. There are a lot of SAP modules available in the market, which you can choose from to make your career. You should always analyse your area of interest before making the right choice of SAP module.

SAP FICO is one of the most trending and Hot modules in the market. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two modules SAP FI and SAP CO. One must study and specialize in both these modules to become a successful SAP FICO consultant. A lot of efforts and preparations go in to making a successful SAP FICO consultant. We have compiled together the various measures one should understand and follow to pursue careers in SAP FICO.

One needs to undergo rigorous training and certification programs apart from the basic university degree to pursue successful careers in SAP FICO. First and foremost is to obtain an appropriate educational degree without which you cannot plan your career in this field. During your university programs, choose relevant subjects like financial, management, accounting management and others of your interest and excel in them.

Official SAP training can be an added bonus to your resume and give you the much needed chance of standing out among the other candidates. If you find the official SAP training expensive, you can put in extra effort to borrow the materials and study them by yourself by using SCN and the self-study links.

Some of the important training areas relevant to SAP FICO include:

  • TERP10 – Integration of business processes
  • TFIN50 – Financial accounting I
  • TFIN52 – Financial accounting II including a case study
  • TERP21 – E-learning of business processes in financial accounting
  • TFIN20 – Management accounting I
  • TFIN22 – Management accounting II With a case study

Completion of the TERP10 course will give you an insight into the SAP ERP and its business applications. However, completely successful careers in SAP FICO would require years of experience on the tool and the project applications. The other SAP courses like TFIN20, TFIN22, TFIN50, TFIN52, and TERP21 would provide you with the much needed information and knowledge to become a SAP FICO consultant. There are a lot of study materials available online apart from these to hone your SAP FICO skills.

Also being an active SCN (SAP Community Network) member would give you access to the exclusive SAP world, where you can share, exchange and discuss various topics about SAP and keep yourself updated with the latest and upcoming in this field. SCN is not only a community of plethora of information, but it also houses great inspiring stories and experiences, which will push you to the next level of SAP expertise.

Being a successful SAP FICO consultant cannot be achieved in a day. It requires great amount of time, money and dedication to become one. Last but not the least you must be well versed in the financial and management accounting skills, business processes and be passionate about supporting the business people.