The explosion of online shopping has made it more important than ever for anyone who has a business to consider getting in on the action. Having a place online where your customers can make their purchases from the comfort of their home computer, or better yet from a mobile device while on the go, is a part of most businesses these days.

But saying you want it and making it happen are two different things. While point of sale technology may have grown, not everyone has grown with it. If you are thinking of adding an online store to your website, you may want to consider these tech additions or tools to help with that transition.

Facebook Stores

The arrival of social media to the shopping frenzy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on potential sales. In addition to that online store, you may want to consider creating one on Facebook. There are many great applications out there that can make adding a store to your Facebook page a snap.

Most of them will allow you to import your store to your Facebook page quite easily. You will find this is much like adding a new physical location, if you pick the right merchandise it can be an addition to your online store instead of competition to it.

Selling Through Social Media Comments

This is a new way to sell, and it works especially well when you have contests or special sales going on in your online store. There are apps that allow fans of your site or Facebook page to add the word “buy” in the comments of an image, making a purchase right there. This increases your reach across the web and makes great use of social media like Instagram to connect with your customers no matter where they happen to be on the web.


While many simply still think of this as a site where brides-to-be click on images of their dream weddings, Pinterest has grown up to be so much more. One aspect of it that is inspiring many is its ability to allow you to put your entire stock on your Pinterest page and sell directly from Pinterest. If you happen to be in a very visual business, let’s say that you run a small art gallery or sell collectable dolls, then this is a great new way to add another online store without adding a new website.

Social Media is a Selling Force

As you can see from these examples, social media has become the new hot way to sell on the web. While your website continues to be the primary way you communicate with your customers online, adding these social media stores means you have a multitude of ways to reach that customer.

As more and more of us spend the majority of our time online on social media sites, often from our smartphones, they will be a more and more important way to reach out to new customers. When you add blogs and newsletters, social media means you are always connected and able to let them know about sales, new items and even changes in what you carry.