Robots in almost every industry have become important that it is hard to imagine how processing was like without them. In the past, the production department used robots more than any other department. However, it is now almost impossible for any product not to go to the next step without the aid of robots. Other sectors that use robots often are the transport sectors, packaging and palletizing, machine tending, metal works and many others. One other sector that is slowly relying on robots for efficiency is order picking. This is the process where robots select products by fulfilling orders. These could be orders placed by clients, employees and warehouses among others.

Many industries deal with bulky products, frequent labour shortages and other demographic changes that affect the flow of work. The inventories continue growing and sometimes it gets hard to keep up. To minimise these problems, many companies are adapting the use of palletizing robots, packaging robots and now order and pick robots. While packaging and palletizing robots have straightforward tasks, order and picking robots are more of a challenge. In order and picking, there are different items that need putting together in order to complete a load.

One of the reasons why robotic picking and ordering is challenging is because sometimes it is very hard to replicate the normal human eye. Picking and ordering mostly takes place in warehouses where conditions are continually changing. Robots have to wade through many systems in order to find what they exactly need to pick. Though they have sensors and are fully automated, picking and ordering robots have to work alongside humans for better quality control.

At Universal Robots, we know the importance of efficiency. We also know what it takes to have effective pick and order robots in place. Our collaborative order picking robots are small and do not occupy much space. They can safely work alongside humans without any interference at all. They have arms fixed with sensors that allow them to pick whatever item is on the list accurately and effortlessly. This is irrespective of the size or weight. They are better than humans are in picking some of the most sensitive parts in a warehouse without endangering anyone.

Though it is very unlikely that order-picking robots will replace the human workforce, we have to agree that they come with many benefits. Some of these are;

·        Precision

Order pick robots come with special gripping arms and sensors to pick even the tiniest and most complicated larger items in a warehouse.  Goods differ in terms of stability, shape, size, rigidity, volume, surface structure and weight. This also means that order picking robots and palletizing robots also differ in the size and strength of their arms. They come equipped with different techniques to pick the items without making any faults. They use the grippers to tract or clamp the items effectively. In some cases, even vacuum grippers come in handy.

·        Flexibility

Order-picking robots are flexible. They are fitted with image processing 2D and 3D sensors that make them identify all the items. The arms are easy to change to accommodate every situation.

·        Speed

They are faster than humans are and can carry out more picking and ordering in a day than humans can. This raises production and reduces time spent on packaging and palletizing.

·        Safe

They are safe to work alongside humans and they save the company management from dealing with minor accidents. These accidents occur on the line of duty from piercings made by small sharp objects.

·        Minimising losses

Because some of the items are very tiny, there is a likelihood that many of them get lost when handled by humans. With robots, this goes down tremendously.

Wrapping it up

Using order-picking robots has many other advantages. The restriction is not only on picking items but the same robots can also take orders. They can process returns and even do the deliveries. All these and many more are all available at Universal Robots, which is the leading manufacturer of flexible, safe, cost effective and collaborative robots.