Fixing an insect or virus on your pc could be easy, if you possess the right software, and if you do not you might finish up working your day just to maintain your computer from growing. I’ve got a couple strategies for you which will keep the desktop computer safe and free of virus programs, adware and spyware and security hacks.

The very first factor you want to do when you are getting a brandname-new computer is to buy a course known as Ghost. What Ghost is going to do is take a precise copy of the hard disk and store it somewhere that you simply identify. Therefore if my hard disk crashes, all I must do is get my ghost image use it my computer and my computer will once more look and act much like it did before my computer crashed. Norton ghost is a superb program, is extremely simple to use and that i recommend it.

Now you’ve taken a picture of the computer, for those who have purchased ghost. What you ought to do is install an anti-virus program. There are a variety of free anti-virus programs online or get one. I’m a computer specialist, and that i choose to make use of the free anti-virus programs, and particularly the Avasti program. So perform a explore Google free of charge anti-virus software and there is also a a few different anti-virus programs to download. I’d also consider the recommendations and reviews from others who’ve installed these programs.

So once you have installed your anti-virus software you will need to run it to check on your hard disk and make certain it’s not corrupted with any worms or infections, if you possess the software. Clean your pc system first prior to taking a picture from it. In case your hard disk is neat and obvious of infections than use Norton ghost to benefit from your hard disk and store it on the separate hard disk.