There are plenty of companies these days that offer Synology NAS data recovery services to its corporate clients such as you that are facing issues with the Cloud storage facilities that they have availed. The beauty of these companies is that they use a wide array of the latest technologies in this regard. It also helps that the people who are tasked with such work are well trained and this is the reason why they are able to get out information in its exact state from Synology NASs (network attached storages) that are regarded as hopeless propositions by other service providers in the domain.

Normally the Synology NASs are known everywhere as platforms that have a considerable amount of strength and thus can be relied upon. This helps with the proper administration of network as safe processing of data. There are plenty of organizations of different sizes that are these days choosing such systems with the aim of improving their data processing systems as well as making sure that critical information stays safe.

How do these companies work?

The companies that provide Synology NAS recovery services follow a definite pattern in terms of the way that they work. First of all, you need to take your failed storage media to the office of the service provider whom you have chosen for this work.

It is over here that your storage media would be evaluated from a diagnostic point of view. If the company is a good one then it would provide that particular service for free. Once this diagnosis is complete the concerned service provider would give you a quote that would include charges for all the services that it would provide in this context. After you provide the green signal, the work would start. Normally, the work of data recovery would take a few days. After that, it would copy the material in free return media and then return it to you.

After you get your data back you can copy it to your computer. The best companies in this domain normally provide you post-recovery support for free as well.

Who should be using these services?

These services are ideal if you as an organization are using storage pools and RAID (redundant array of independent disks) arrays. RAID normally comprises hard drives that are of a single type but on the opposite side storage pools could have hundreds of different drives. These drives provide a lot of storage space.

Thanks to this enormous amount of space you find it easier to back up data in a detailed manner or even process media. Normally, it is the bigger companies that use the storage pools. However, in spite of being reliable and strong, it is not as if the Synology NASs do not have a weak spot or two. Since these systems use RAID technology for the purpose of managing networks they have the failures that are common to RAID as well. This is why it is essential that RAID systems in your organization are configured properly.