The never-ending game of cat-and-mouse played by the police and criminals get more intricate and elaborated with time. Criminals devise a way to outsmart the police; the police soon develop a countermeasure, and the cycle repeats. We are at a point where every shop, bank, school and public platform is drenched in security cameras for 24×7 vigilance, yet somehow they seldom offer great service in spotting and nabbing the culprit.

The diluted pixels and low number of frames per second (fps) leave a grainy and noisy picture behind that can hardly be used to decipher any quantitative information. Any person setting out to commit a crime would not need to struggle much to decipher and exploit the loopholes of such a system. Sometimes, a simple hoodie or a mask is enough to outsmart the product of thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses incurred in keeping a security camera system up and running. Unless one purchases a security product from leading video surveillance product supplier, he is most likely to be experiencing cybersecurity issues. Hikvision is a safe brand to invest in as it regularly releases security patches to stay safe from the latest malware.

A high quality video surveillance system is a crucial tool in securing a place off robbery, assaults and other crimes. There are a number of ways through which it helps to achieve this:

Minute Details

A good quality security camera sometimes tips the entire matter in favour of the correct party. Miniscule details such as quality of the clothes worn and body language can only be caught in a well pixilated camera. In spite of a mask, these factors can help recognise the person of interest behind it.

Able Deterrent

Business houses and banks demand security not just from the outside elements, but insiders as well. An employee’s decision to break a rule hinges on his ability to escape capture. With an able security system in place, it would become evident to one and all that no step outside the designated line can go unnoticed.

Debunk Artificial Claims

Complaints and claims put up by customers over transpired transactions can be a nightmare for a corporation, even more if the said corporation has a reputation to protect. However, squabbles can occur over the slightest of aspects of a transaction – aspects not caught on a flimsy camera at all. For example, if a customer accuses a jewellery shop of misplacing one from a pair of stud earrings, a low pixilated camera may be unable to clearly capture a video recording of the tiny studs in their moments of action.

Studies have shown that employees perform better with a better quality security system in place as it has a direct impact on their stress levels. Hence, it is absolutely imperative for all businesses employing a number of people to buy high quality surveillance camera systems and maintain them from time to time.